The aim of Green Party Housing Policy is to ensure everyone is provided with housing appropriate to their needs, that housing promotes community life, and to minimise the impact of housing on the environment.

The Green Party would:

  • Ensure a balanced mix of housing, to meet the diverse needs of the community.
  • Discourage speculative ownership of housing through higher rates of Council Tax for unoccupied properties and second homes – there should be no housing shortages because homes are being used purely as investments by the wealthy.
  • Increase the amount of social housing and commonly owned housing as representing the best way of ensuring an availability of affordable housing.
  • Control the private rental sector, so that tenants are provided with additional legal protection.
  • Change homelessness legislation to maximise the use of empty property, and to increase the security of anyone occupying a property as their home.
  • Reform the housing benefit system so that late payments cannot cause homelessness, and stop landlords discriminating against those on benefits.
  • Receipts from any sales of council housing be made available to fund further housing and related development.

green surge st

There is a lack of affordable housing in Somerton and Frome, and young people in the ares are finding it impossible to stay in the area because of high rents. Meanwhile, poor quality developments have been given the go ahead despite local concerns about flooding and lack of facilities.

Speaking at our Somerton Open Meeting, Theo said: “It’s clear that local knowledge and advice about flooding is being ignored by planners and developers.  We’ve seen similar problems in Castle Cary and Wincanton: Strapped for cash on the one hand and intimidated by lawyers on the other, District and County Councillors are nodding through over-sized housing plans with little regard for local conditions or the impact on local jobs and services.  No account has been taken of our rapidly changing weather patterns, and the affordable homes our communities actually need are not being built…Young people are moving away from Somerton because they cannot afford to rent, let alone buy, a home, even when they have good jobs. The voices of local residents need to be heard.”

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