You can make a difference. Here’s how:nhs

And make sure you’ve registered to vote! 
New regulations mean you may no longer be registered, so it’s worth checking. You must be registered to vote by 22nd May 2017 to vote in the General Election!


You can make donations by:

  • Contributing to our crowdfunder
  • direct payment to A/C: 65497496, sort code 08-92-99 (Co-op)
  • Paypal


We are a party who will not accept funds from people with questionable backgrounds or those who made made fortunes in businesses that contribute little to the common good. We do not take money from the owners, shareholders or bosses in the many big businesses whose activities are leading to the problems which we are involved in trying to prevent or correct.

Therefore, we need your help more than some other parties, who are less particular about the ethics of their donors.

Please consider how you might be able to help us financially, yourself, or through others. You may be able to help by gathering support from those you know who haven’t yet come into contact with Somerton & Frome Green Party but could lend support as well through donation. Every penny we receive is hugely important, and we cherish everybody who donates.

So, please urge all your friends to join us as supporters, members, or financial backers. Being involved in this way is a truly valuable thing to do, and we value you most highly when you do it.If you wish to know more, will discuss the options before committing, please feel free to email Oliver Dowding, who is organising our fundraising efforts.