A local candidate


Theo was born in Rode, lived in Frome most of his childhood and now lives in East Pennard. He is 58 and works part-time in a local manufacturing unit as well as being a singer/songwriter in the popular folk band Seize The Day. He is a trade union member and has been politically active since the 1980’s.

A passionate candidate

In recent years Theo has been involved in a wide range of political and environmental campaigns, including peaceful, direct-action events against fracking, nuclear power, climate change and social injustice.

The right candidate

His campaigns, along with his position in Seize The Day have given him the experience and confidence he needs to address the media on radio, television and in print – add to this a deep commitment to defending our living planet and restoring ecological health, and a passionate instinct for social justice and inclusion, and we believe that the Green Party has the perfect candidate to take on the main political parties and win.